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Evelani.az - is an online platform designed to prevent you from accessing thousands of homes with different customers and sellers. With us, you can more easily and conveniently own new real estate by setting your home criteria in accordance with your standards, as well as more easily and conveniently reach real buyers when selling real estate. Exploring all real estate collected at the same address from an online platform will save you extra time and energy.

Posting announcements

You can more easily and quickly introduce your announcements to real buyers by registering on Evelani.az or without. Registration is free.

Why us?

As Evelani.az, we offer 4K quality video advertising and professional photo service as well as 360 degree service to introduce your announcements in a better quality. These services are designed to prevent the loss of time for both you and the real buyers of the property you are selling or renting.

We are also active in other sales channels to bring your home to more buyers, so we regularly provide announcements not only on the site, but also on social networks.

Sincerely, Evelani.az team

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